Task Force on Public Housing Projects
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Chaired by the Deputy Financial Secretary, Mr Michael Wong, the Task Force will explore the further application of MiC and other technologies to speed up the construction of public housing. The Task Force will consider how to expedite the construction and completion of public housing by strengthening collaboration among various departments and streamlining the procedures......


Get ready for High Productivity Construction
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Head of Project Strategy and Governance Office of the Development Bureau, Ir John Kwong, shares the way Hong Kong should extensively adopt MiC to achieve high productivity construction, aiming for less manpower requirement, shorter construction time, lower construction cost and better sustainability and safety performance......


Hong Kong Construction Common Data Environment Award Launching Ceremony
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The first Hong Kong Construction Common Data Environment Award is co-organised by the Development Bureau and the Construction Industry Council (CIC). At the Ceremony, the CIC also signs the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Renewals with higher education institutions aiming to introduce construction digitalisation content to their curriculums and equip students with the necessary knowledge of BIM and construction digitalisation before joining the construction industry......


Penny Bay and Kai Tak CIF Handover Ceremony
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The construction of the Penny's Bay and Kai Tak Community Isolation Facilities (CIFs) commenced on February 19 and completed on June 21. The two CIFs, providing around 10 000 units in total, have greatly enhanced the anti-epidemic capabilities of Hong Kong. Both CIFs adopted the MiC method, effectively reducing the overall construction time......


Project Delivery Capability Programme Opening Ceremony
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The Financial Secretary, Mr. Paul Chan, officiated the launch of a systematic training programme for mid-tier managers in the Government to enhance their professional skills in the delivery of upcoming capital works projects. The programme is expected to train about 100 senior professionals a year, from architects and engineers to surveyors and other industry specialists......


Seminar for Young Construction Professionals
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With the theme "Catching the Next Wave", speakers shared their views and insights on the future opportunities. The seminar was officiated by the Permanent Secretary for Development (Works), Ir. Ricky Lau, JP and brought together about 200 young construction professionals and stakeholders in the construction industry......


Publication – Cultivating Cost-consciousness in Project Delivery
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This publication summarized the key messages from the Project Cost Management Forum 2021, highlighting the importance of cost management and optimization in project delivery and their relevance in addressing the challenges identified in Construction 2.0. It also set out the way forward in enabling the industry to cultivate a cost-consciousness culture......


International Conference on Modular Integrated Construction (MiC) 2021
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14 renowned local and international speakers from Mainland China, Japan, Singapore and the United Kingdom, shared the latest trends and their experience in MiC. The Permanent Secretary for Development (Works), Ir LAM Sai-hung, JP provided the opening address and called for a wider application of the MiC technology in Hong Kong......


Project Cost Management Forum 2021
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Building a cost-conscious culture, ensuring Hong Kong's resources and public funds are used smartly, effectively and efficiently - for the good of the industry and our economy, and for the well-being of our community......


CE officiates at completion ceremony of Married Quarters for FSD at Pak Shing Kok, Tseung Kwan O
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The Chief Executive today officiated at the completion ceremony of the Fire Services Department (FSD)'s Married Quarters at Pak Shing Kok, Tseung Kwan O. The quarters is the first high-rise building project adopting the Modular Integrated Construction (MiC) method as a concrete construction approach in Hong Kong......


Letter to the Editor - HKIE Journal April 2021 (Pages 17 - 19)


Anti-epidemic Fund - continuing support to construction industry
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According to the Executive Director of the Construction Industry Council (CIC), Mr CHENG Ting-ning, Albert, under the concept of “Construction 2.0” put forward by the Development Bureau, there is a strong need for the construction sector to provide continuous training to professional staff to enhance their professional knowledge and skill levels......


Enhancing the management of works projects to promote the continuous development of the construction industry

The Centre of Excellence for Major Project Leaders (CoE), established in July last year, is to equip public officers with leadership skills for the delivery of public works projects. We are also actively promoting the digitisation of the works supervision system to enhance the standard and efficiency of works supervision......


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Hong Kong hosts the Construction Innovation Expo for the first time
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The first large-scale Construction Innovation Expo (CIExpo) held in Hong Kong earlier has attracted more than 23 800 visitors. The CIExpo featured four key themes with in-depth exploration of Offsite Construction, Robotics and Automation, Digital Solutions, as well as Advanced Technologies and Materials......


First Modular Integrated Construction residential project
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The project of the Disciplined Services Quarters for the Fire Services Department at Pak Shing Kok, Tseung Kwan O, comprises five quarters blocks, among which four have 16 storeys and one has 17 storeys. With 8 units on each floor, the quarters will provide 648 three-bedroom units of 50 square metres......


Strategy and Governance of Public Works Projects
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I was eager in promoting early intervention in project cost management model when I was the Secretary of Development and set up the Project Cost Management Office (PCMO) in 2016. PCMO has been upgraded and expanded to the Project Strategy and Governance Office (PSGO) this year. PSGO leverages the principles of "fitness for purpose" and "no frills" to conduct project vetting with a view to enhancing cost-effectiveness of the public works......


Speech by CE at International Conference on Modular Integrated Construction: Innovating Higher
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Modular integrated construction, or MiC in short, is one of the concrete examples of adopting innovation in the construction industry. The Development Bureau, in concert with the University of Hong Kong's Centre for Innovation in Construction and Infrastructure Development, conducted a study on the potential benefits of MiC in 2017......


Centre of Excellence for Major Project Leaders set up
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The PSW, Mr LAM Sai-hung, says that the CoE will provide structured, continuous and contemporary high-level leadership professional training in the coming three years for about 150 project leaders, i.e., government directorate officials in charge of public works projects and senior leaders of the industry......


Centre of Excellence for Major Project Leaders established
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As the first of its kind in Asia, the CoE offers a high-level project management and leadership development programme to senior government officials. The aim is to equip them with a more innovative mentality and world-class leadership skills to enhance their project delivery capability, which will enhance project performance as a whole......


Joint efforts to boost transitional housing to ease housing difficulties of grassroots
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The aim is to increase transitional housing supply by using the most efficient, economical and environmentally friendly methods, viz. converting idle non-domestic buildings (e.g. school premises) and adopting the technology of Modular Integrated Construction, so as to alleviate the hardship faced by families awaiting public rental housing (PRH) and other inadequately housed households......


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CE continues Jiangmen visit
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The Chief Executive, Mrs Carrie Lam, visited China International Marine Containers (Group) Ltd (CIMC) to learn about the business of its subsidiary, CIMC Modular Building Systems, which supplies construction components for the Construction Industry Council’s Modular Integrated Construction (MiC) Display Centre in Kowloon Bay. MiC allows most of the labour-intensive and time-consuming processes to be accomplished in an off-site prefabrication yard, minimising the duration of work on construction sites and the demand for construction workers, thus enhancing productivity......


CE visits MiC Display Centre
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Chief Executive Carrie Lam today visited the Modular Integrated Construction (MiC) Display Centre at the Zero Carbon Building complex in Kowloon Bay……


Modular Integrated Construction
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Located in Kowloon Bay, the Zero Carbon Building (ZCB) established by the Construction Industry Council (CIC) serves to showcase and promote smart city technologies and low carbon living. Recently, ZCB welcomed its new member – the Modular Integrated Construction Display Center......


Innovation to boost construction

The future must be built on productivity, on quality, safety and environmental performance. This demands innovation – from you, and from the construction industry as a whole. That's why the Government now advocates "Construction 2.0", smart movement towards automation, industrialisation and digitalisation......


Innovation Professionalisation Revitalisation
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The Chief Executive proposes “Construction 2.0” in the Policy Address, advocating “Innovation”, “Professionalisation” and “Revitalisation” to lead the industry to make changes, capitalise on future development opportunities and scale new heights……


First Modular Integrated Construction pilot project commences
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A ground-breaking ceremony for the Disciplined Services Quarters for the Fire Services Department at Pak Shing Kok, Tseung Kwan O was held today (September 24). As the first pilot project to adopt Modular Integrated Construction (MiC), the quarters will provide 648 units for married disciplined services staff......


Promoting the development of the construction industry through active training and improved productivity
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The Government aims to promote and lead the adoption of MiC in the construction industry through piloting MiC in public projects.  In the long term, it is expected that MiC will improve construction productivity, expedite work progress, enhance site safety and ensure the quality of works......


Opening remarks by SDEV at press conference on Development Bureau initiatives in Chief Executive's 2017 Policy Address

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Speech by SDEV at HKCA International Conference on "Lean Construction"
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We set up the Project Cost Management Office (PCMO) in the Development Bureau to strengthen cost management of public works projects through "system re-engineering" and "design optimisation". Since its establishment in June this year, the PCMO has commenced the review of works requirements and policies in consultation with stakeholders......


Cost management produces early results

With funding approval from the Legislative Council, the PCMO was established and has made considerable work progress in the past few months. So far, it has made recommendations for improving cost control for nearly 40 public works projects, which will save billions of dollars in expenditure......